About a week ago, my grandmother and mother approached me about getting a swing set for the girls… Since just having Izzie we are about flat broke but when they offered to “help” I could not resist. (I think they wanted one more than I did) So off we went to Toys R Us to get it. They had a sale which was great because we were able to get one with more features.

My husband about killed me when a few days later I told him we were taking our lunch to go to Lowes and rent a truck and pick this mammoth thing up. He still was not thrilled I was taking this project on. He hates put it together yourself things… I assured him all would be well because I was going to get our trusty friend and neighbor down the road to put it together for us.

We started on it last weekend… Well I should say Reichley “our friend” started on it… A few hours in and long and behold we were missing a board and everthing came to a holt. So this week… I’ve been itching to get in the garage and work on it… so if you know anything about me you know that I can’t stand an unfinished project… so off I went to finish it…..

AND…… It’s almost done and I am so proud of myself. First let me say that things like this call to my sweet spot so I’ve really enjoyed doing it and am kind of glad Reichley has not been able to get back down here again. And I have had one fantastic little helper. Emma has been loving it just about as much as me. We’ve really been the working buddets… is buddets a word?

What other mother out there can claim that she physically built a swing set for her kids… It’s not all done yet but It’s getting there. I’ll just need the guys help in connecting the pieces. I’ve really learned a lot about myself these past few days… One, I need to work on my patience but Two… I am darn good with a drill and tool box!