I live in the midst of communicators and I think that is why I seldom feel like I have anything to say….. My husband and his friends.. they communicate for a living… even their wives speak at seminars and conferences… I open my mouth and all I hear is blahhhhhh…..

One of my friends is going through a really hard time right now and I can’t seem to find the words to say to her. Everyone else has all these words… and again there I sit. It makes me feel like I can’t contribute or that I walk away and feel like… she has no idea that I am really perplexed over her situation….

People have always had things to say to me at my dire times of need…. This friend of mine that is going through a rough time right now even had encouraged me a while back…. when I was in the midst of my darkest times……

So even though I don’t know what to say to her… maybe her words will ring true to her today…. and remind her that against it all… we must have passion to believe that there is hope….. So to my dear friend… take these words from your mouth and believe them and live them….. They are words of such great encouragement… at least they were to me….

” I don’t find joy in your pain, but rather in awareness that you are so alive and feeling so immensely. You Kim have given me reason to doubt but even more, a reason to believe, I have chosen the latter as my place of rest. Thank you for letting me look into your life, both love and pain, seeing your heart, has made me know why we must continue to live with passion, or else we are dead.”