Woke up this morning to saying Hello 2012.  This year it’s pretty simple for me.  I’d ask for a word about a month ago for 2012.   It came rather fast.  Not a single word but rather a phrase. “Plow the Land”

It makes a lot of sense to me.  We have been given new territory to settle on.  Amazing Land. But now it’s time to start plowing, tilling, unearthing the soil to ready it for…..  well I did not get that far.  Just know I’ve got to Plow the Land right now.  So this year is about doing that.  I’ll do it physically, spiritually, emotionally, missionally. Plowing is never easy.  It’s an act of work.  Work I know that sometimes does not give immediate results.  But I know by doing this that things that need to be planted and harvested on this land  will in turn be different because the land where life and substance grows has been prepared.  So there you have it.  Bring on 2012!!!  Plow the Land!

Side note:  I think this is worth sharing.  Yesterday in saying goodbye to 2011 we decided to take a walk on the beach.  It was the most beautiful day here yesterday.  You could have fooled me with it being 70 on December 31 and the sand warm to the toes. We even met up with friends and I tried for the first time ever this…..

Paddle boarding.  Doing this up and down the Marsh area…  This is something I know I would really enjoy.  Can’t wait to go out again!  But I’m digressing….

Before we left I wanted our family to partake in an exercise.  I make us do these things a lot.  Dave rolls his eyes half the time but for me it’s a physical act of doing something that normally we can just verbally say and move on.  I had the idea after reading Jo Saxtons post yesterday about her walk on the beach and drawing a line in the sand.  So the exercise was to stand on one side of the line and decide what things you wanted to let go of or take from 2011 into 2012.  And when you were ready, you shared with the family what it was and then walked over the line that was drawn in the sand.

Izzie goes first because if you are wanting someone to volunteer to share, she’ll be the first to do it anywhere.  She said she wanted to leave behind the sores on Frankie’s head he had a few months ago.  I agreed, and said “yes, Izzie let’s press into good health for 2012.  No sickness.”  She crossed the line.

Frankie went next and said, “I want to take the Wii” and he jumped over the line.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

Then Emma sits down in the sand and starts literally crying…. “I don’t want to leave behind Nana or Greenville.” “Why are you crying Emma?” I ask.  “Because leaving things behind is Sad and I don’t want to do that.”  Dave has stepped in by this time and has assured her that we can take Nana and Greenville into 2012.  And then he implies let’s ask that this be the year that Nana moves here with us. 🙂  She’s better now but still not happy about having to think about 2011 and crosses the line.  By this time Dave and I just cross and start heading to the Van.

Then Izzie who I’m helping into the van, has a moment of revelation.  “Momma, we can also leave behind our sin.  We can always leave that behind.” Yes Izzie… you’ve got that right.

Anyway, it was interesting reflecting a bit as a family yesterday.  This year was full of lots of Change for us all and change often requires of us a loss of some magnitude.  The loss of our family living in the same town has impacted us all this year but we Hope that sometime in the future we’ll live close together once again. 🙂 Or at least that is part of the hope we are taking into 2012.