(Frankie and his friends)

As I continue  to reflect this week on the journey that allowed Frankie to come home this time last year I wanted to share some answers to some questions we’ve been asked a lot.  The first and most common question, why did you grow your family through adoption?

We had infertility issues with conceiving both of our children.  Actually Izzie our youngest we call a miracle.  We had battled 3 years of infertility before having her. So we were at the point where the doctors had said they had done all they could do for us in our pursuit of growing our family unless we wanted to spend a good chunk of money exploring other options. I

But in the midst of trying to have children, our eyes were open to how many children in the world didn’t have a family to live in. So following this news we did two things. First, we went forward at our church to have our church family pray for us and our infertility journey. Second, we went to a lawyer to start the adoption process. Two weeks into that journey I turned up pregnant. The doctors still have no idea how this could have happened. Thankfully, Izzie is our proof that God is still doing miracles.

Through the process of having Izzie, though, our hearts were open towards adoption in a way that we knew we would never get over. Our eyes had seen something in the world we knew our hearts and hands had to do something about. Adoption soon after Izzie was born once again became part of our family mission.

I love hearing the stories of others as well and why they choose to adopt.  The reality is I believe God really uses many means and vehicles to speak to all of us where we are at.  I do believe that so many hearts have been stirred toward adoption and growing your family this way but still I know of many stirred hearts that remain unable to move on what they have heard.  My biggest prayer for anyone considering adoption is to specifically pray for the courage to “move” and act on what has been stirred.  A stirring never is able to change things.  One simply has to act and create movement to have an impact.

If you have adopted I would love to hear Why you did. If you have shared it on your blog at some point or decide to share now be sure to link back here.  I’d love to hear your story.