The kids have been out of school all week.  We’ve kind of taken it day by day not knowing if school would be in session the following day.  Looking back it would have been nice to know it was going to be all week long.  It’s interesting to watch the unexpected things play out in life.  Sometimes you can plan  for them and sometimes you can’t. I think we would have planned some things differently for sure this week if I would have known we would be having a 5 day break.  We still have lots of snow on the ground.  Very unusual for this area of South Carolina.  The kids all had their first real sledding experience.  I’m glad they have a dad who will do this kind of stuff with them.  I grew up in the North and I’ve had all the snow I think I ever want to take part in.  It was also fun seeing all the neighbors out.

 Dave and I have also been praying and fasting this week.  We’ve seen some amazing breakthroughs in our personal life and also in the places of ministry we are part of. And it’s been a joy to journey through this time with a team of people.  Last night we were on a “Huddle Call” with 6 other couples.  Three of us skyping in.  It was a great time of sharing and encouraging each other. Each pair has such a unique offering and joined together we have this momentum that is so much fun to be part of. It’s always a joy to see the turns and twists and opportunity.  I woke up this morning feeling very blessed for the life I’ve been given.  I also woke up with a deep seeded desire to play with all that I have.  Love it.

So it’s been a week of the unexpected in so many ways.  Praying for breakthroughs in your lives as well and that you would be encouraged by the unexpected that comes your way.