The rain is coming in.  I took the short window to get the kids to the beach today to get some energy out.  Decided a nice long walk would do.  On our way back Emma yells that she has found something.  What now I wonder?  She has found in the past few months – starfish, sand dollars,  shark teeth.  So why not a message in a bottle.  Seems so fitting she was the one to find it.

We headed home to open up this treasure.  What would be inside?  We were all very curious to find out!

And let me just say, It’s good… It’s real good!

So three months later, and a bottle found, congrats Jonathan and Jessica!  Looks like you are headed to Pawleys Island, SC!  We live on the south end of Pawleys Island and that is where your bottle was found.  It’s a beautiful place here. If you have not been here you will enjoy your time here, I’m sure.

It was fun being part of your story.  I hope my husband is taking good notes.  What a wonderful way to give a gift to someone!  Happy two year anniversary!