We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  First time to not be with either my parents or Dave’s parents but first time for just my sisters family and our family together.  I was the head of the family yesterday and pulled off a great meal for all of us. Wow, so much work.  I really could just go out and eat!  My grandmother sent her famous sweet potato casserole.  I think that is what made the meal complete. It was

Frankie’s first Thanksgiving with us.Wow.  His favorite dish was the sweet potato casserole.  First time he has had it and won’t be the last.  We enjoyed the day and had a stroll on the beach to walk off all that food we ate!  My sister and her husband leave today.  So sad.  But I’m so glad they were able to come and visit with us.

I did not take one picture of the meal that was prepared.  But it’s not about the food anyway.  So thankful for our amazing family.  They are so supportive of Dave and I and the journey we are on.  Family is a treasure.  Hope you all have a wonderful time enjoying your family these next few days with those you love.