You know you things are too busy when you don’t have time to….

Finish telling about time away in Myrtle.  It was truly the best vacation there we’ve ever had. Time with all our family was priceless.  Frankie enjoying the beach and ocean.  Emma out for hours on the boogie board.  Izzie running around the putt putt course like she owned the place and once again Dave and I having one of the best meals I’ve ever had with my sister and her husband.

Don’t have time to tell….about our trip through Pawleys to say a quick hello to some friends there and see our rental house for the next 3 months.  This is the bridge and view we will get to cross many times a day to get to our new place we will call home for a while.  (I have to insert this picture to bring some calm into my daily life)

Our move:  Can I say I’m getting those thoughts of “what are we doing?”  I mean it’s one thing to talk about doing something but to actually approach the day you will really do it is a whole other reality.  I KNOW we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do BUT the FEARS of new routine, new friends and I hope they like us and I hope our kids will transition, missing our family and friends here, well it all comes into play. Plus the fact that I’m trying to pack 5 people for 3 months and take as little as possible.  Just a lot to do.  There is a big difference between peace and calm.  I have total peace but not much calm.  Need me some calm.  I think Dave right now thinks his wife has gone a bit looney.  

Or I don’t have the time to catch you up on the always wonderful time we have with friends at Daniel Island (I got beat in sorry by a 5 year old) and our time in Charleston as our summer 7.0 mixed team made it to state.  Tennis.  Now that is some calm for me.  My friend always laughs when I call and see if she’s free and she says she has a croquet match to attend to (since she says I’m always off to some sort of tennis).  TENNIS this past year has been the most amazing time for me.  I am so thankful for Lisa who encouraged me a few years back to find that racket and come play.  I’ve met the most wonderful amazing people.  I mean what other sport gets 8 ladies together from all different ages and walks of life on a Sunday afternoon for a few hours?  I love all the people and teams I get to engage with.  We won 2 of our 3 team matches at state. 

And then there is Dave.  He’s been a trooper as I’ve gone a bit crazy around here.  Last night after I had cleaned out the garage I said I just have one thing I need from you tonight.  I need two shrubs removed that have died.  I normally do this kind of stuff because I love it but I just don’t have time.  He was thrilled (like his dad would be) and came in a few hours later saying WE DON”T HAVE THE TOOLS TO BE DOING THAT.  I said, I know!  But I’ve been doing it for the past 12 years!  I’m pretty amazing huh!  Seeing the blank space that needs to be filled this morning made me smile.  Thankful for him this morning.  Gosh I love this man.  In the in crazy next few weeks I will need to remind him of that a little bit more. (Dont’ you love how we matchy..matchy?  So glad he loves that white belt of his!)


Izzie just woke up and walked down the stairs.  She see’s me blogging and wants some pictures taken of her doing a silly face.  Frankie is still asleep.  Our day is just about to begin.  Productivity is the name of the game.  Ready, set , silly face, go!