I have a million pictures and stories to sort through of the last 3 days.  They have been the best.  I always wonder how time passes so quickly.  It does.  Our trip is almost over.  I love that my grandparents and my children’s great grandparents are here each year.  It’s priceless time with them and we love them so much.  Dave gave Great Papa “Mere Christianity” and I have Great Nana, “Redeeming Love” They both finished their books in a day.    I love that my Nana loved Redeeming Love.  Can’t believe she never read it before.  She said she did not like how it began but it was a wonderful story.

I’m in the middle of “The Help”  I’ve truly been enjoying it.  I have lots of thoughts stirring from it but will have to wait till book club to talk them out and of course I’m sure I’ll share some of that here too.