I did an unintentional mean thing on Facebook… I posted the other day… “We are getting a dog today, what am I thinking?”  Then the comments started rolling in, all from “Good for you” to “please tell me you are kidding?” After a bit I realized I did not complete my thoughts…  I should have posted, “We are getting a dog TO WATCH today, what am I thinking?”  That would have been more accurate.

We are dog sitting for 5 days.  I feel like I just got home from the hospital with a new born.  I’m NOT a dog person.  I don’t know why since I grew up ALWAYS having a dog in the house.  From a French Poodle named, “Babbette” to three Collies over the years named, “Sheba, Inga, and Duke”  I had wonderful memories of them (except the hair that was ALWAYS stuck to me).

My children love animals so I hate that I’m the one holding back on allowing that to happen.  BUT seriously.. those of you that are dog lovers… I just don’t really get it.  And Harley the dog we are watching right now.. He’s crazy.wild. and get this, I’m the one that pays him the least amount of attention and he’s stuck to me like glue.  It’s like this little shadow following me around all day.  He walked in the door and laid his claim to our home and walks around like he owns the place.  I’m about to go postal.  Dave says by the time he leaves I’m going to love the dog and he and I are going to be best friends.  I just don’t see that happening.

Now before my mother in law disowns me for talking smack about her beloved pet…  I will say this.  There is one good side to having a dog around.  So far yes, it’s just one thing.  It’s never been cleaner under my kitchen table.  It’s very nice not to have to sweep crumbs off the floor 10X a day.  I have my own built in quicker picker upper.  For that reason alone I may one day consider…???  nope, not even that could seal the deal for me.

Don’t let him fool you.  He always knows what he’s doing!  He won’t stop getting on our bed and rolling himself all over it. YUCK!!!!!

But the kids are in true joy mode so that is all that matters right?

And WE ARE TAKING VERY GOOD CARE OF HIM.   I think he is really loving his time here.  He probably won’t want to go home.  But Debbie, his stuff will be packed and ready for you.  I think he misses you way too much! 🙂  More adventures to come I’m sure!