After a bit of a rough day yesterday I woke up determined to embrace some cleaning therapy.  In the past few months, if we don’t use it, we give it away.  It’s very freeing having less and less STUFF.  I think when my kids get older the one thing that they will say about their mom that they did not always like was that “she always threw away things they were looking for.” I do keep the important things but I’m also not afraid to get rid of other things that take up space.  I guess if that is the worst thing they remember about me I’ll have done ok with my part in raising them.

This morning we cleared out the garage.  All the kids helped and we knocked it out.

Now they are all upstairs eating ice and resting while watching a movie.  Love these kids. In the midst of crazy life they are the one true things that keep me grounded in a very healthy way!