While I am not making dinner…(because why bother when you have friends that whip up masterpiece meals and well…) and my stove looks like this just to prove it…

I’ll just serve this ….. (so I can’t disappoint)

While hitting 120 second on the microwave I go to find the kids and it’s 6:30 and

Izzie is Passed out!

Frankie is playing with Naked Barbies (great!)

And Emma is tucked away in her room for the past 2 hours promising to come out with a masterpiece..

And me.. I’m blogging and listening to a talk on prayer while eating hummus and chips.  My heart is asking hard questions about life, friendship and things that make no sense to me and in the midst of it all,  I have way more questions than answers on integrity, truth, peace, promise, kingdom and the list can go on and on.  One of those days.  We all have them.  Today just happens to be mine.  Well the past 6 months have been mine but I’ll put it all to a day if that makes everyone else feel better.