I attended a wedding yesterday of a sweet couple Dave and I met a few summers back.  I love weddings.  It was a joy to be there.  There is nothing like a beautiful bride on her wedding day.  I ran into a few friends from Tifton, GA and also met a few new people as well.  Not bad for an introvert attending a wedding on her own.

I had a lot of alone time yesterday.  6hrs  in a car gives way to lots of thinking and praying about many  things.  I listened to a few podcasts and music and then just sat with no noise at all. Trying to abide and listen.

When I got home I took some time to sit on the back porch and noticed this…

Our tree in full bloom.  it did not look like this yesterday. It then hit me. I’ve been looking at this tree for a while through my own personal season.  If you know anything about Crepe Myrtles you know that when they are barren and pruned they can look pretty ugly.  Sometimes  you wonder if the stick looking figure will ever grow again.  In some ways this tree has been a visual of my own personal journey this past year.  The tree was showing many times the reality of my own life as it made it’s way through it’s pruning and hibernation and small growth and now the blooms.

But the blooms.  They are here. And even in my own journey I too am coming to a point of abundance where the possibilities are many.  Would not have looked at it that way a few months ago. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Story I want to be told with my life and the life of my family and friends.  In ways I think the answer to that question will be shaping our future in ways that are still very unclear to me now.  But I will bask in the joy of the season we are in.  The season of abundant growth and blooming.