I am surving…those are the only 3 words I know how to communicate.  I’ve got some long posts coming soon on the start of our crazy summer.  Things are really good but no one ever promised that the goodness comes from easy times.  I’ve had a challenging few days and I’m sure I have many of those still in store this summer.   But while I am surviving my husbands Facebook page is blowing up from all the students he is getting to engage with.  He had an incredible week last week at Wake Forest with Student Life camps and I’m so thankful our family plays into those moments as well.  I was able to visit Wayfarer Camp last night and they seem to be having a fantastic week there too.

I did just look at Dave’s Facebook page and found him tagged with these pictures below.  I just hijacked them.  In the midst of my survival mode there is much celebration to be had.  If you don’t believe me then take a look for yourself!  Finding them brough some joy to me today.  And little Emma Rhodes.  Well if you ask her, she’s having the time of her life.

Blessing friends.  Pray for our family this summer if you think about it.  We would covet your prayers we always do!

This first one is my favorite!