Emma got inducted into the Order of the Quill this morning at Reidville.  I was so proud and cried a bit too much too.   I had no clue they had this at Reidville.  They read a writing from each student that was inducted.  Emma wrote about me. I’ll have to get a copy.  She said her favorite thing about me is that I make her apple pie.  Um, I’ve only ever made it once because I don’t bake much.  Guess I should do it more often.  Emma loves to write.  She does it almost every day.  I guess I should not be surprised because in a way I love to write too.  I love to blog. 

Mrs. Brockman going to get Emma.  Emma had no clue she was being honored today.

Emma’s Story being read

Very proud family!

Very proud teacher

The order of the quill is an honorary literary society founded in 1994 at Reidville elementary School to recognize students with outstanding achievement in writing.  Students are inducted into the society by their teachers in a solemn ceremony held twice a year. Students are chosen for this only only once in their lifetime and will inscribe their names in the Order of the Quill register during the ceremony in recognition of this achievement.  The Order of the Quill induction is an honor and is reserved for only a few students who have achieved at the highest level of writing.