We’ve always wanted to do a T-shirt Fundraiser for our adoption but then Frankie came home so fast and time has become a big hurdle.  T-shirts are amazing ways to support people because they can be inexpensive to bulk produce, they carry a powerful message and when purchasing them for a family or fundraiser you know your money is going to an amazing cause.  It empowers you personally when you get to wear it as well!

The Howertons just put out some fabulous t-shirts that I can’t wait to figure out what one I want.  Better yet.. it’s going to help them fund some adoption expenses for Kenbe (Frankie’s Friend from Heartline).  And on top of that they are giving $5 per shirt sale to Heartline.  Wins/Wins/Wins all over the board.  So need a gift for someone or want to show others your heart for adoption or Haiti then take a look!

We are excited to finally have our Haiti tees available for sale!  We had been wanting to do a t-shirt fundraiser before Kembe came home – back when we thought we had months of waiting ahead of us .  We’ve seen other parents do it and it seemed like a great way to cover some of the additional expenses (and debts) that have cropped up in this nearly three-year process.  Now that he is in the US, we have some additional fees as we attempt to finalize his adoption here (between travel expenses, homestudy updates, immigration fees, post-placement reports, court fees, etc).  We have also wanted to do something since the earthquake to raise money for Heartline Haiti, who we believe to be doing so many good things on the ground in Haiti.  We decided to merge the two – so when you buy a t-shirt, you will be supporting our adoption, and we will donate $5 from each sale to Heartline Haiti.  (This is the organization that took such good care of Kembe before he came home, but for more on what they’ve been doing post-earthquake, click here).

Now on to the t-shirts.  We really wanted to design some t-shirts that people would want to wear . . . shirts with great designs that would become favorite, well-worn tees.  We started with a great base (Hanes Tagless 100% Comfortsoft Cotton).  We were fortunate to have two friends who donated their time and talent: Reed Robinson (designer for Arlington and formerly with Billabong), and M. Brady Clark (also formerly with Billabong, and now a prolific graphic designer) did an amazing job of designing these tees for us, and I’m really excited at the way they’ve turned out.

So, without further ado, here is the info on the tees, and the links to where you can buy them.  Thanks so much for supporting us in our adoption journey, and for showing your support for the country of Haiti.

Hope, Love, Haiti


Map of Haiti


Kenbe Fem(Hold Strong)

Kenbe Fem (three color)
maternity click here

If you are willing, we would love to get the word out about our t-shirts by having friends link back on facebook, blogs, and twitter.  Thanks!