The past few days have been huge.  Don’t miss it. Do you see his eyes? There is something new there that has just surfaced.  It’s the first time I’ve taken his picture and saw it. It’s the understanding I believe that he has a covenant with us, with our family.  And that covenant means that he is in relationship with us and it is allowing him to be one with us.  He has found his identity with us and because of that there has been this shift as Frankie surrenders to obedience.  IT”S HUGE.  And as I sit here and think about it as he sleeps I can’t help but see how this little guy has gutted my life and allowed me to be a part of the responsibility of God’s own personal calling on my own life.

A few years ago I had a reflection time and when asked to “describe your ideal self and what passions are tied to this ideal self” I wrote: Kids, Haiti, Love Family, Be a part of change in the world, Available, Real. (just saw this while sifting through an old study) Since the time I wrote that,  I took a trip to Haiti, we started an adoption process through Haiti and today Frankie is in our lives.  BUT that is not the end all.  In so many ways I think it’s just the beginning.  I continue to walk.  My heart still beats to bea daily part of change in this world.  It beats to be available to any opportunity that comes my way and in the midst of it to be real.  To know who I am as I abide in Christ so that I can continue to act in obedience to the opportunities that come along the path.

And that is my story.  We ALL HAVE our stories that call us.  That whisper to us.  As we discover more of who we are they even haunt us till we surrender and obey.  I know this blog is my blog and it’s where I share my story.  So what is yours?  As you walk in relationship with our God do you hear the things He whispers to you alone that only you can do?  He has a task, calling and purpose that only you can fulfill.  It’s how He works.  We are the means by which He engages and rules in this world.

Opportunities continue to surface for me and for that I am thankful. I’ve really just been praying that I’ll be faithful to the heart promptings that I know keep beating. These roads that I start never seem to be easy but from past experiences I know if I walk them long enough when I get to glimpse back I’ll see His fingerprints there and that alone makes every uncertain step a blessing.