Three months ago I signed Dave and I up for the Greer Half Marathon.  Back in January we along with our friends decided that we would run a MARATHON this year in October.  So I put a few halfs on our calendar to make sure we started training for October.  Well this morning at 7:30, Dave was at the starting line but I’m here at home blogging.  I did not train.  I actually have not run since Frankie got here.  Wait, that is a lie.  I did run.  One time.  Two miles and about died.

First I’m proud of Dave.  He did train and will do well today.  I’m a little upset with myself because I know I let him down.  He told me not to worry and he meant it.  It’s not like our lives have been restful lately.  It’s been the busiest 3 months we’ve ever had since we’ve been married.  He said, “It’s supposed to be this way.  It’s a metaphor for my life right now.  I’m supposed to run this alone.”  I laughed at his comic relief but knew he was serious in a way. Ha!

I can commit and train to run for myself.  I can commit and train to run with a friend.  I can commit and train to run for a cause.  BUT I can’t commit and train to run with my husband.  It’s not pretty sitting here reflecting on that one.  So in an hour I’ll load up the kids and we’ll head to the great city of Greer and watch him cross the finish line.  I’ll cheer him on and clap and shout like I always do.  The kids will make signs and be in awe of their daddy.  And we’ll watch him cross this one race alone.  I’ll be proud but my heart will also be sad because I’ll know I let him down. Come October he won’t be alone.  He’ll have at least 3 people standing strong crossing our own marathon with him. 

By the way… the race shirts and the packet were awful!  I know this is a “green” race but there was nothing but a few flyers in the packet and the shirt… come on people.  It’s called a half marathon.  At least give us a race shirt and not some T-shirt we’ll never wear.  Big disappointment!  I’d rather our “donation” go towards something rather than bringing this stuff home…