So we’ve been checking the mail EVERY DAY for the PBA CURRENT and nothing.  It still has not come.  They featured our story in the Spring Edition 2010 and people have emailed us saying they saw it but we’ve yet to see it.  Thinking about PBA this week makes my heart smile.  What is PBA?  It’s Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach… The college of my dreams.  A major step in my life journey. 

I first visited PBA as a Junior in High School on my way to my first time ever to visit Haiti. We flew to West Palm and took a commuter flight from there.  While in West Palm I took a “college tour” and fell in love.  My poor mother.  I left upstate New York to attend college in South Florida and really never came back home.  I went off to college thousands of miles away and never knew one person there.  It was a grand adventure.

PBA was the place my faith grew (thanks Dave Busby), I made amazing friendships (although I’m a terrible friend at keeping in touch), I played tennis (with some of the funnest girls around), and met and fell in love with Dave (still don’t know how that happened).   Iwould Rollerblade the intercostal (and took a little raft across it.. dumb), ate at Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop (better than sex chocolate was my favorite flavor). I’ve gone through life telling myself if I wind back the clock and could go back to college again I’d do it in a heartbeat.  I hear that college can make or break you.  I’ve heard many people say they had a terrible college experience.  I often find myself already praying for my kids and pray that college will be one of the most impactful times in their lives. 

It was an honor to have PBA share part of our story.  I’m thankful for their legacy. Although I transferred my SENIOR year (yes I was crazy) to be closer to Dave in AL in Grad school, I will always consider PBA as the my University…. the one that made a grand impact on my life.

Dave and I trying to find a seat at Chapel.

Jill and I playing some doubles.

Flag Football… Take a look at that handsome guy on the bottom right.

 IF  you were a fish… come on and share in the love and post a picture and share your fun memories.