Generosity and Gratitude

This past week……

  • An email to invite me over to look through some things for Frankie before a yard sale.
  • An opportunity to write an article for a local magazine to share our story.
  • A donation check from a local skate club ready to send off to Heartline in honor of Frankie.
  • The perfect lawyer who graciously was willing to take our case and be part of our story.
  • Our first glimpses at our family pictures taken by an amazing photographer and done for us,  just because.
  • A donation to our adoption fund by a couple that is on the verge of getting married and trying to make ends meet themselves.
  • The opportunity of influence and impact left by a woman I’ve never met who gave our son and hers a simple gift of perfume.
  • A tax return received just in time to replenish some funds.
  • A brand new camera from a woman I’ve never met who just wanted us to ” keep capturing the memories of our lives”
  • A bicycle, truck and baseball glove for hours of play brought to our door because someone thought of Frankie before trying to give them to someone else.

To say I’ve been a little overwhelmed would be an understatment.  I don’t think one ever gets comfortable with the humbling act of receiving.  At least I don’t.  Do you ever feel that way?  I mean after it happens I sit in awe and think of how awesome God is to provide for our needs and wants but then also sit feeling a bit bad because although we do have needs they are not as huge as some people face on a daily basis.  So it’s humbling and magnificant all at the same time. 

Our family has continued to experience the out flowing of Generosity leaving me speechless with the utter most gratitude.  We all know that this year has been a hard financial year for so many people and working for a non proffit we have not escaped it’s tolls.  

In the midst of moments of struggle and worries there He is.. God using his people to provide for our needs and wants more lavishly than we could ever imagine.  Receiving does bring with it major gratitude like I said above but it also for me brings with it a heart that knows what it feels like to be blessed.  I want everyone I come in contact to have their heart feel like mine has so many times in the journey with Frankie.  So many times I think.. “what  can I do or how can I ever make a difference?”    Then I remember reading a post from the Livesays Blog this week where They quoted Mother Teresa saying… The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.  It’s the most beautiful way that I know how to capture the passions of my heart.  Now if I can only live out and live on the examples that have been shown to me. 

Thank you each one of you who has blessed my life.  I feel so unworthy, I really do.  I will try all I can do to be a part of Influence and Impact in this world through the life and opportunities I’ve been given.. I promise to give and pay forward the Generosity that has been shown to our family so that others out there may experience the Grattitude we have been priviledged to feel.