You know it’s a bit of a busy spurt when your husbands suitcase remains spread out on the floor for some time and he lives out of it when he’s at home too.  The past few weeks have been slammed but in the midst of it all and even my very heavy post from last Sunday it amazes me of the way God creatively keeps weaving the threads of my life.  It brings massive laughter and joy and awe as one piece of the puzzle slides into the other when you did not even know you were putting a puzzle together.  Looking back I think to myself… “did that really just happen?” 

Days around our home lately have been blissful.  From dancing with the  kids to our favorite artists to sitting for hours outside in our yard on a blanket as the weather has been perfect.  Emma learning to sew.  Frankie running and giving random kisses of love, Izzie finding pride in getting herself dressed and spending the next hour with her head held high.  Dave and I getting back to the simplicity of the core of love and serving each other.

And if all that were not enough God keeps using other people in their own  journey to do things because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves and in their process our family gets blessed beyond measure.

 Last Friday I woke up and walked into a weekend that was very impactful for me personally.  I had no idea last weekend was coming.  I wonder what this weekend will bring?  Regardless of the ups or downs that we will face as we continue to walk I will sit in awe of the Redeeming one who guides us all.