Emma lost her first tooth yesterday.  It was a big deal to her since she is the only one basically in her first grade that has yet to have a tooth fall out.  The tooth fairy came last night and gave her $5 and let her keep her tooth.  Of course when she woke up this morning she was playing with it and dropped it in her bed and thus began a 45 minute dramatic search for it.  That darn tooth fairy should have taken the tooth.  And, that darn tooth fairy can be so mean too.  Take a look at younger sister Izzie and her response to the visit the tooth fairy made last night.

When I saw what was about to go down I grabbed Dave’s phone and had to catch it on camera.  One day she’ll love I did this. 

All is now fine.  But oh my goodness, what tooth fairy drama at our house this morning.  Good thing Frankie slept through it all.