We had a birthday debacle this month.  When Frankie came home we had some papers given to us that said his birthday was the 28th which is today.  I had always thought it was the 20th but figured I was wrong.  His HP papers stated differently.  So I flagged the date.  On March 19th we received a bunch of papers in the mail from Haiti.  Legal papers.  They had the 20th on them so apparently in process a 0 became an 8.  So Frankie’s b-day was the 20th but we were not aware of that in enough time to celebrate.  We will be celebrating this week with him as he now is 3.  We are not making a huge deal about his birthday this year.  Just a small family celebration.  Dont think he could take all of that and understand. This time last year this is Frankie celebrating his birthday in Haiti.  I wrote about what we did here at Frankie turns 2.


Would never have dreamed like I say all the time that he would be here to celebrate THREE!    Happy birthday my sweet three year old.  We love you  dearly.