Emma is off to school this morning for career day.  I asked her last night what she wanted to be and here is what she decided:

Meet Principal, Emma Rhodes.

Mom:  Emma what do you want to be for Career Day?

Emma:  I want to be Mrs. Sima our principal.

Mom:  Why do you want to be a principal?

Emma:  I want to help people.

Mom:  So what are the things you need to be a Principal?

Emma:  I need straight hair.  I will need to wear a suit and heels.  I need a walkie talkie and I need to have keys I can swing around.  Oh and I’ll have to ask her for one of her funny hats she wears.  Maybe she’ll let me borrow one.

Mom:  Sounds like a plan.  And best of all Emma I think if you ever decided to help people with your life and become a Principal I would think that was grand!

Sidenote:  We love our school.  This is testament to the many teachers in leadership there that are impacting children’s lives.  You should meet our principal.  By the end of the first week of school she knew Emma by name.  She knew our whole family by name.  She gives the best hugs to the kids.  She wears these crazy hats.  She is a huge support to our PTO and when Frankie came home I was blown away at her generosity towards our family.  She takes time to invest in my child and for that I am thankful.  No wonder Emma wants to be her when she grows up.  I would be so proud.