So apparently I’m doing a pretty good job of informing on here since none of my two readers have any questions for me.  I’m just about to put on my shoes for tennis this morning and just had a happy moment.  With the changing of weather it’s been time to get out the sandals.  With that it also has meant for me that it was time to clean up the toes.  It’ s been a long winter of hibernation for them.  So a few days ago I got out my polish and made them pretty again.  I love manicured toes in sandles and yes I do them myself.  Would love for someone else to do them but hey, who has the time or money for that right now. They make me feel so full of Joy.  And they also make me think of my friend Audrey who is the queen of polish during the summer months.

Yes, I did just post a picture of my toes.  They make me happy.  And you?  What’s making you happy as we say good-bye to winter and say hello to spring?