Frankie Loves helping daddy do “daddy things” like pushing Izzie on the swing.

This weekend was the weekend for parks.  We visited a few of them.  Nothing better when your kids are old enough to run off and play and have fun while you and the hubby pull out a blanket, eat a quiet lunch, get some sun and laugh when you are dared to act like you are back in college again.  Don’t think people would have appreciated that one.  Good try Dave Rhodes.  Good times for sure.

I love spring.  It gives a leap to the spirit.  It’s a time pruning the dead that has come through winter so that the new growth can be as beautiful as ever. Our tree in our front yard has started to bud.  Soon we’ll have beautiful white flowers to look at before the leaves set in.  Spring is in the air and in the spirits.  I just LOVE this time of year like I know so many of us do.