I went with my neighbor to her church tonight for a LIFT night… Ladies in Fellowship Together.  I’m not sure if some of you know this but I grew up as a pastors kid.  My dad pastored Wesleyan churches up north in PA, NY and MI.  I’ve been in and out of many churches all of my life.  I unfortunately was able to get a glimpse in the behind the scenes makings of a church and it’s not always pretty.  There is a reason why churches hold some of the most ungodly people.  And in the midst of all of that baggage I carry there are also amazing people in churches.  I was reminded of that tonight.  Strip away conservative, Baptist, evangelical, Methodist, Wesleyan, charismatic and take a look at the people in all of those congregations and I think you find similar people with similar hearts.  At least that is what I found tonight.

At the end a lady stood up and shared why she deserved the take home gift the most…  After 29 years of working for the same company she has been told that her position she holds in her company, two ladies hold that position and one will need to leave.  With tears through her eyes she wonders how she can leave but will if that is what God wants her to do.  It’s not the job she will miss or the institution that was created but it’s the people, that have become her family.  My heart broke for her.  I’m thankful that I have a job.  So many people in our area are struggling.  I’m thankful for our home and the things that the Lord has blessed us with.  We live a life that is far from extravagant but tonight I am reminded of just how extravagant it is.

I’ve been feeling the Lord tug on my heart about some open doors that I feel are coming my way.  I’m not sure why the doors were unlocked and became accessable but they are cracking open and I feel like I have this opportunity at this moment in my life to have influence so that maybe one day when I look back there will be impact.  I’m still very confused and begging for clarity and even a place to start. And with those open doors there are also many doors that the Lord has gently shut.  I would not have planned it that way.  I like to keep all the doors open for roaming.  It’s hard knowing you can’t go back to a place that you once were so familiar with.  Not because you don’t want to but because you trust the voice of the spirit inside of you that is taking you elsewhere.