Sometime before Christmas  I ended up in the Dr’s office sick with throat, head, sleep deprivation and other stuff.  Halfway before my visit was done I find myself bawling, barely able to breathe bawling. Ok, I was bawling sitting in the waiting room but you get my point.  I told him I’m not a pastors wife but I am a ministers wife and I’m totally stressed out with life and people and life again and  if you could help me out I’ll do anything.  I actually was not that desperate but I was asking for help.  Something I’ve never medically done before.  I had not been sleeping, I was having major anxiety and I was sick and ambien does not work for me.  He subscribed me some stuff that has worked wonders.  I’m supposed to take it when I become agitated so I was popping them like candy.  Just kidding of course.

I kind of forgot about them and lately to say I’ve been a little agitated would be a bit of an understatement.  I mean it’s not like we’ve had many major life changes happening around here.  And I’m really not looking for anyone’s opinions on taking medication or not. And my agitation stems from a variety of things.   So last night a bit agitated I took one before bed. 

This morning I was told that Izzie was up 2x last night and Emma once.  I found Frankie on the couch this morning.  I looked at Dave and asked him what happened? ” Um, I was up with your kids 4x last night that is what happened.”  I told him I did not hear a thing.  Which is so not like me.  I slept like a rock.  Which I have desperately needed.  I woke up so refreshed and felt some life back in me.  Dave looked like someone took it to him.  Don’t tell Dave but it worked so well last night that I think I may try it again tonight! 🙂  I may be on to something. 🙂