We loaded the van yesterday and headed for Atlanta.  First official road trip with a family of 5.  Besides having to tell Frankie to stop pushing the button to undo the seat belt it was an uneventful trip.  I’m so mad at myself for not having a camera.  Ours broke in November when someone who I won’t say, (David) sat on it while in Haiti!  And try sitting on it when driving around the roads there and thus you could understand why it no longer works.

IF I would have had a camera I would have showed you…

  • The joy on my face after seeing a friend I’ve not seen in forever
  • The beautiful chaos of 7 children playing together.
  • emma diving out of a tree onto a trampoline and then doing flips about 100 times while trying to impress a young fellow.
  • Izzie falling head over heals for a red headed little man.  I think she’s in love.
  • Frankie discovering a talking boots and dragging him everywhere.  Thank goodness he was lost before we left because we would have had to take him home.
  • A sit down lunch with friends and amazingly enough all the kids seem to disappear.
  • My discussions with Dave about Influence and Impact and knowing I want more than anything to have impact.
  • A first time in an elevator for Frankie. He loved it!
  • Dave seeing his girls enjoy the American Girl doll store. 
  • First time at a mall with 3 kids (won’t do that again for a while) I think Frankie inherited Dave’s Mall Leg.
  • Frankie made his first friend in build a bear.  Picked out a yellow chicken.  He fluffed him for over 20 minutes and we had to drag him out yelling and screaming.  He would have stood at that fluffing machine all day if we would let him.
  • Taking a look at our van tonight and wondering what bomb went off in it?
  • Church tomorrow with FBC Alpharetta.. Dave is speaking at the both morning services.
  • 5 people snug as a bug in a beautiful hotel room.  Not a bad way to end a wonderful day.
  • One mom checking Facebook, blogging and enjoying the quiet time.