Just folded these up this morning.  All my children and now even Frankie get tucked in bed each night with these  and they walk down the stairs each morning with them.  For Emma it’s been 7 years, Izzie three and Frankie a few weeks.  I was a blanket person.  I think I even went off to college with one stashed in my bag somewhere.  Don’t worry… you won’t find it in my bed with Dave right now but I do have them stashed away in my hope chest… I had 4 of them.  My mom decided to have 3 back ups and then I found them and thus I walked around with 4.  My children never took a pacifier.  They just wanted the comfort of a blanket.  I was smart and bought 2 of each for the girls when they were born so I could trade them out.  Then one day they each on their own time found out there were 2 and so now it’s 2 of each that get carted around the house when comfort is needed.

Blankets represent security and comfort to my girls and now even to Frankie a bit.  I think he just totes his around because he sees his sisters doing it.  He actually sucks his two middle fingers.  I think they have brought him lots of comfort these past few years.  I’m glad he’s got two fingers he sucks and not just one.  He kinda fits right into our theme of things in two!  Happy Friday.  Rumor has it that snow is heading our way.  We’ll see!