Just pictures for now…. 

I posted some of these on Facebook but wanted to be sure to post them here as well.  I have lots of words but for now, I’ll leave you with these…

We continue to do well.  Still adjusting to our new world with Frankie now here.  Each day brings new surprises, new joy and of course new struggles.  But overall we are doing really good.

These two are really bonding well.

He really likes the snow (sleet) but am thinking he probably thinks that it’s normal  like everything else.  Don’t be angry at me over the pink gloves.  It’s all we had!

Trucks and playing with them.  A new thing for all of us!

And Barney.  There I said it.  I thought we escaped parenthood without his influence.  WRONG.  He asks to watch Barney 50x a day.  I think they watched him a lot in Haiti.  Barney is his BFF.  For the love!