Frankie, our little man is doing so so good.  It’s almost been a week and I’ve been pleased with how everyone is doing.  I don’t have anything to go by but I really feel all is well.  Frankie is a great sleeper.  He takes wonderful naps and once you tuck him in for the night he sleeps hard until morning.  Nothing wakes him up.  Is some ways our house is way too quite for him.  I pray he is finding security and love in our arms.  I pray that as we attempt to redirect him or start structuring his boundaries that he’ll see our acceptance and love through that as well.  Our girls have been a huge part of his easy transition.  They have blown me away.  The transition has been easy but that does not mean it has not been hard.

He sleeps….

and I need to.

There is still so much going on for me personally that I am finding it hard to sleep.  The whole transition for me in 2 weeks from mother of 2 to mother of 3 has been an adjustment for me.  A huge adjustment.  As well as so many other things that are going on  it’s just a big change.  I have had my heart and hands in many responsibilities outside of the home over the past 6 months and some of those can go on hold in this transition but some of them can’t.  Those are the details you work out when you know you have  a year left in the process not just 7 days.

But I think the other reason I just can not sleep is that our story is among many other people’s stories.  We are not the first family to adopt from Haiti nor will we be the last.  My friend Debra and her Husband Ernest who is in Haiti right now are trying desperately to get their son Ronel home.  My  heart is SO HEAVY for them.  We just continue to pray.  There are still Heartline children… 5 of them that are still in Haiti and are needing to get home. Byron and Megan are doing everthing they can to get them home and My heart is SO HEAVY for their families.  Our social worker who’s name is Rebecca who has helped us these past 2 years with our homestudy etc..  They too are adopting from Haiti and their daughter is still not home and My heart is SO HEAVY for them.  A blog friend Cathy who you can follow here is still trying to get her son home.  My heart is SO HEAVY for her.

So as our story continues and major adjustments are happening in this house because of the blessing that our son is home, we do not and will not forget those fighting to get their children home too.  All we know to do is pray. So that is what we continue to do.