A while back I did a post called holding pattern as we were waiting on news or word that Frankie would have his papers and somehow get to the US.  Well now he’s here and he really is doing fabulous.  But I still think we just got released from the holding pattern and now they have cleared us to land.  We’ve not landed yet.  Need to check out the best flight options to touch down this plane but we are certainly on the way.  Each day is new.  The language barrier is very hard.  Exploring and setting boundaries for all of us especially for Frankie is still hard too.  The stairs in our house have taken on a whole new meaning.  Bath time is a blast.  Running outside in the “fret” or cold has been fun to watch.  Eating freeze pops is interesting.  Just being together has been truly a blessing.  So much to learn and so many new things each day.  

This morning we slept in late.  I meant to hit the 10 minute snooze button but instead ended up turning off the alarm.  I’m glad we did sleep in.  I think our family needed it.  I needed it.  I’ve been under SO MUCH STRESS for the last 2 weeks…heck for the last few months for that matter and I feel that my body is now starting to relax a bit.  Which is good but at the same time It’s like a day after getting a massage… “you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck”.  I am feeling as if I’ve been hit by a few trucks.

This has become our normal routine.  Morning Milk on the couch.  It is such a joy that there are now 3 faces to look at as I walk by…

I will say this.  Dave and I are AMAZED at how easy the  transition has been so far these past four days.  For both Frankie who seems to not have missed a beat and for our girls who have been truly amazing in accepting him.  I think Dave and I did a good job of keeping them a part of this whole process from Day 1.  For the past year and a half we have literally talked about Frankie every day.  And now that he is physically here, I think the girls just truly feel it’s normal like any other day.  He’s their brother.  He’s been their brother for a long time.  Now it’s just that he is physically here.

I’m not naive and I know we will hit some hard spots sooner or later.  They will come.  It’s just a matter of when.  Personally, I just had some major changes.  My whole schedule has changed in a matter of a week.  I am now a mother of 3 year old twins in a way… and that changes the way you have to go about your day.  We are definitely in survival mode right now.  I’m the mother of a child who is experiencing so many things for the first time and that is challenging and interesting. I thought I had a year to prepare for this moment.  Instead I had a week.    Dave and I are trying to navigate the whole bonding attachment with Frankie.  Everyone has their opinions on how to handle this transition and we are just trying to navigate it the best way we feel how.  Hopefully looking back we won’t have messed up something royally causing damage. 

We’ve been cleared to land.  Just trying to figure out how and when that will happen.  Hopefully we have enough gas, knowledge, love and concern to get us to touchdown with the smoothest landing at just the right moment.

I have over 1300 of un-returned email/blog comments/Facebook comments… I will get to them one day.  I promise. I’ve read EVERY ONE.   Thank you all so much for all your love and support and encouragement.  PLEASE keep it coming.  We need it now I think more than we did before! 🙂  Can’t wait for you all to meet Frankie.  He’s one special little guy.  It will be our families JOY to introduce you to him.