I was reading over blogs tonight and read Jamie’s thoughts on this past Saturday.  The evening Dave and I hung out in the Orlando Sanford Airport and had what we call a great time together and also a Facebook Pajama Party!  I’ve not seen the pictures yet.  Our camera was sat on, on our last trip to Haiti (won’t mention who) so we’ve not really taken many pictures…

This was another beauty story playing out.  Not in a million years would I ever dream we would all be able to be together as our children came home.  It really is amazing how that happened for us.  Through this awful devastation our community was connected.  We’ve promised to do reunions… I just hope everyone keeps their word!

Here is us waiting: 2 weeks prior us same ladies were sharing a condo in Orlando getting ready to run our marathons and half marathons.  Little did we know how soon we would be together again.  This time not sitting in a hot tub talking about the struggles of the Haitian adoption process but this time sitting in anticipation of finally having our kids home.

The moment we walked out with Frankie: 

By this time it was 5:30 am and we had Emma and Frankie was passed out.  We made a decision to leave and get a hotel before the rest of the kids got out.  We were the first ones to be called back.  (Looking back we really regretted that we left)  We were told it could take a few more hours before other kids were released which is why we left but it actually went a lot faster than that.  Live and learn.  But I’m so glad we have pictures to look at of everyone’s arrival.

Mark celebrating Keembert:

Aaron and Jamie Celebrating Amos:

Sarah and Jason’s moment celebrating Naomi just today: (an amazing God story)

Tim and Jen Celebrating Sammy and Gino

We’ve got one more to see home.  We are praying each day and anticipating Ronel’s turn and the rest of the children at Heartline.  We won’t forget you.  We are praying and pleading for it to be your turn!