Can a Picture Say a thousand words????  I think it can.  Photo by Jeff Hall

There are so many “firsts” happening around this house.  I keep asking myself by the hour is this real? It’s been a whirlwind of events and I think things are just about to settle down.  Took Frankie to the Doctor today to just get checked out.  He’s doing great.  I met a few people in the DR’s office who recognized him.  One mother came up to me and said..” you are that couple… Is that Frankie?”  He’s made a little name for himself.  Watch out world!

We’ve had lots of news interviews the past few days.  To be honest it’s been very overwhelming.  I often sit back and wonder how this all happened. The people we have met and the talks that we have had a chance to have are not by coincidence.  I just pray with all my heart that the greater purpose is fulfilled. And lots of our opportunities are do to our fantastic publicist.  And when you dont’ know what day it is that is when you know you need one. Her name is Courtney Reichley, family and friend extraordinaire and she’s fantastic and if you need help please call her…she has great rates! Ha!

It’s funny because I knew Dave’s world and my world would collide one day but I never would have pictured it this way.  It’s been a beautiful journey to walk with him.  I’m not sure you can love someone more. The past 2 weeks have done something to us.  Not sure how that will play out the rest of our lives.  I just think how amazing we’ve been given the opportunity through our son and his unexpected timed arrival into our home to live out and see lived out what we’ve personally given our lives to in the ministry over the past 10 years that we call Wayfarer.  One day soon I”m sure I’ll have lots more to say on that but it’s just been a sweet time for us and our family and friends.

I’ve been linking so much on Facebook that I forget to link here.  If you read my blog and want to friend me… It’s Kim Steele Rhodes. But I wanted to be sure to post the links of the past few days.  Again we are overwhelmed. I think the best piece (because everything ends up being edited) that really got our heart out there and our life passion was the ABC World News Piece that aired Sunday.  The producers Jane and her husband Mario were fantastic people.  You can see footage to that here..

And then the local news has been great.  Again, I really hope our story helps people who may be on the verge of doing something like adoption…or that they are in a broken place and can maybe see that beauty can come from it.  I’ ll find the all the clips and post them here soon but here was one that made us proud.

Emma’s Story on getting Frankie

And last, check out this link to Jeff Hall who took pictures of our arrival.  AMAZING.  I’ll cherish these FOREVER.  Thanks Jeff!  If you live in the Greenville Spartanburg area and need family photo’s he’s your man.