We are like a plane in holding pattern.  Not sure when it will land and get clearance.

We got word last night that 16 of the 22 kids papers were processed and Tim Pearson was heading again today at 9AM to hopefully finish the rest up by noon today.  The plan is to have papers in hand and hopefully kids on a plane to somewhere by 3 today.  And with that said, we all know TIH.. “This is Haiti” and so those plans really could drastically change. In ways we expect them to but are planning for what we know.

So what are we doing?  We are in holding pattern.  Dave had to call this morning and cancel his event with a group from South GA.  He felt awful about it but I know they understand.  The good news is that Chad Norris will be able to fill in so that was HUGE.  We thank him for doing that. 

We have had someone offer to charter us to where we need to go today when we get the call.  How do you say thank you for that?  He is giving of his time and allowing us to fly at cost to wherever it is we are going.  I’m a ball of nerves since I hate prop planes but will do whatever it takes to be able to get to where Frankie will be. 

So the latest up to date news as of Noon on Friday is we are waiting.  We are waiting on word from Haiti that papers are done for all kids.  We are waiting on word that they will be getting a military flight out of Haiti today.  We are waiting on word as to Where in the world  they are flying to. (95% sure it will be the Orlando area, but not confirmed by any means).  Once we get that news we will be out the door on our way too.

Lots of details that need to come together.  We hope we are on a plane and with Frankie by tonight.  If not, we hope that we are on a plane in the morning and with Frankie by tomorrow.  We do know that the time is near.   Again, it’s just a matter of details.

We’ve had people on the ground in Haiti fighting in the midst of all that is going on down there to get the Heartline kids out.  We will never be able to thank them enough….. EVER.

And thank you everyone who has kept up with our journey.  Courtney stopped by last night with bags full of stuff she has been collecting from our so many people.  I was so blown away.  THANK YOU!  You know who you are!  We’ve been blown away by the kindest words of support and prayer from Facebook to emails to text messages to calls.  THANK YOU.  We can’t get back to them all but THANK YOU! We are still getting calls and emails of people asking what they can do specifically for Frankie  and our family and him coming home.    Two days ago we had nothing for Frankie.  Today he has everything he needs to establish himself in our home.  At this point we are just telling people the best thing you can do for us is to contribute to our adoption fund.   You can find info on our blog. 

I’m hoping the next post will be from a hotel room somewhere, with the news that we have our son in our arms.  We love you all and thanks for investing in our lives.  Thanks for being part of this journey with us.