Since Dave and I are getting so many calls and emails a day about people asking us what they need to do if they are feeling called to adopt from Haiti I guess I better get a post out there.  My friend Debra who is adopting their son Ronel from Haiti and who I hope to see any day now,  wrote a post on her blog about adopting from Haiti.  I thought it was so helpful and explained the current situation so well.  I agree with what she said and so I’m going to say the same thing with her permission.  Haiti is in complete devastation and there are many homeless families and MANY homeless orphans.  Most of them do not have a forever family waiting on them like Frankie does.  I am more than happy that God is placing this desire on a lot of hearts.  It’s HUGE!  It’s AMAZING!

The adoption process is long and hard. Confusing and frustrating.  There are many HIGHS as well as many lows.  It is truly an act of faith and yet a game of waiting.  All adoptive families must learn to be patient.  And then we learn even more patience than we thought possible.  It is truly a story that only God can write.

The truth is that Haiti is in no position to open government offices to process new adoptions.  Those offices are now gone.  Our paperwork is burried somewhere in them.  The country is in survival mode. That truth is going to make it very hard to adopt Haitian children anytime in the near future using the current process we have been following for the past 2 years.

Please don’t be discouraged.

Remember this is a God story.  

Haiti, and her people are strong.  They will rise from this tragedy.  The orphaned children will need families to call their own. That may be you.

There MAY be options to adopt orphan refugees.  Some children may come to the States on an humanitarian parole that have not been matched with a family.  This is all so new that no one is sure how that adoption process is going to work.  We just have to wait.  I even hear that some of these children may be entering our foster care system which may lead to fostering to adopt children from Haiti that way.  Again no one really knows what will happen at this point.

I know your heart may be going crazy to do something tangible in movement towards an adoption.  Start researching agency’s in your area or talking with people who have adopted from Haiti and see what they recommend. 

1. Contact DHS or a social worker to get information on completing an international home study for an adoption or to become a licensed foster parent in your state.  The social worker will have a list of documents you will need to gather.  It will vary depending on what state you live in.  The list will be long and will take some time to get together.  Home studies do not stay current for long periods of time but updates are easy to do.

2. Pray for your future child while they wait.

3. Haiti’s government has strict qualifications for families.  (or it used to.)  Who knows what will happen now.  In the past these qualifications seemed to change often.  When we entered the process we qualified.  If we were to try and re enter we would not. 

4. Save money.  Adoption costs are not cheap.  Be willing to share your needs with your community.  They will be there to help.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Search your heart and see if you are moved to adopt or you are moved to adopt primarily from Haiti.  There are many orphans in our foster care system as well as in the world.

6. Be prepared to wait.  Be prepared to cry.  Be prepared to dance with joy.  Be prepared to watch a story unfold.  It is a beautiful mystery.

This, of course, is all my friends opinion that I totally agree with.  We are not adoption experts or a Haiti expert, just a moms.  What so many of us have learned is if God places Haiti and adoption on your heart you cannot turn away.  So don’t be discouraged.  Begin the process in your heart.  The actual process will happen in the right time.

If I hear of anything more as it pertains to Haiti I will let you know.  I just know it may be a while until they figure out what will happen with all the children who are now left orphaned from last weeks earthquake.  Dave and I are so thankful adoption plays a role in our family.  If you feel that urge to adopt.  DO IT.  Don’t waste another day thinking about it.  Take action and find a place to start.