Lots going on here.  Dave left for Boone, NC  to be with Student Life this weekend and we were all supposed to be going.  The car was packed and in a moments notice I needed to stay behind to try and do everything we can to see about getting Frankie and all the kids from Heartline out of Haiti and here to the States.  I am so thankful to have people fighting for us.  We are praying fora  humanitarian Parole for Frankie and all the children of Haiti who have currently been in the system or adoption process.

Dave and I were honored to do a local news story for Channel 4 yesterday.  We really want to bring awareness to Adoption/Haiti/Heartline/….  Thanks Channel 4 for telling part of our story. 

Then last night on ABC news with Diane Sawyer… you’ll never believe it.  I certainly did not.  Diane went to Heartline yesterday morning and did a piece in the news last night about the the orphans of Haiti.  We were able see the Heartline kids and then in some surreal moment at the end of the piece Dianne calls out Frankie’s name and grabs him and kisses all over him.  Dave (who won’t admit this) is shedding tears and I’m staring just not really being able to comprehend that I am seeing my son who’s country has been in the midst of devastation on TV.  I’m so humbled that I got that chance to see him and the other children who are his family.  Two years we have been on this journey.  We’ve had so many questions and fears and sadness and heartbreak in the past week that to see him on video in his red shirt that I took to him on a past trip to see him… well no words.

Here is the deal… GOD can make beauty out of brokenness… I’ve seen him do it time and time again.  In the midst of this extreme brokenness you are finding pockets of beauty… big and small.

As we continue to pray for Haiti and her people I am begging God for our family to show us some minor glimpses of His beauty by for some Random miracle… that our son would finally get to come home.  And I KNOW that is not just my cry but it’s the cry of the 900+ mamma’s who’s children are in the process of being adopted and we all now wonder what is next.  Lord please show us beauty!!!!

Here’s the ABC News Link: