One week ago today at this very time I was very close to finishing a half marathon.  I had spent the previous 24 hrs with 5 adoptive moms from Haiti and a group of 14 other runners as we were celebrating an accomplishment of raising money for a medical vehicle for Heartline.  I remember feeling so blessed to be able to finally be surrounded by people who knew just exactly what is was to be in the process of adopting a child from Haiti.  And 7 days later… life has changed for all of us.   3 of those moms survived the earthquake in Haiti, 1 is still there helping people, while all of us are trying everything we can do to get our kids out on a Humanitarian Parole….  they are still sleeping outside and food and water will soon be an issue.

Here Kristen and I were celebrating our 13.1 miles… If we only knew that would be such a minor accomplishment with what the fight is currently today.  She was in Haiti when the quake hit. 

I’m not sure what to write.  We have people fighting for us to help get Frankie and all the kids from Heartline out of Haiti and here to the states on Humanitarian Parole.  I’ll post later about that information.  Tara and Troy and our Heartline family are in the midst of the devastation doing everything they can to help.  If you’ve never followed their story I suggest you make sure you do.  Read Tara’s post today.

In a moments notice life can change.  What you might think are your biggest challenges or struggles today)like running a half or full marathon) may end up being your smallest accomplishments of tomorrow.  Im thankful for the hero’s on the ground that are doing everything they can to help all the needs that are there.  The need is great.

Wall down at boys home and house next door collapsed…