It’s hard to know what to do.  If you would like to help and want to help Frankie and the people who run Heartline you can go here and contribute.  They need to rebuild the walls around the girls home so that the kids can be safe in the coming weeks.  There will also be a need for food and so many other things in the coming days.  They have a great network on site and will be able to use any financial help they can get.  

Also, here are other organizations that you can support: I grabbed this info off of Jamie Ivey’s blog.  She did a great job of gathering info….

REAL HOPE FOR HAITI: These are fabulous people who run a rescue center and clinic, also Jamie and Aaron Ivey’s son lives here. Last I heard two trucks had pulled up full of injured people needing help. I have heard that their biggest need is money to buy food. Already food has doubled and this is going to cause a big problem all over Haiti. RHFH has a paypal button that you can donate to (click HERE & scroll to bottom of page), or you can mail a check to: RHFH – PO BOX 23 – Elwood, IN 46036. Please follow Licia & Lori’s blogs to stay up to date.

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL: We trust and love Compassion and feel that they will also use your money to the best of their ability if you chose to give to the disaster relief fund. . For a $35 donation you can help a family receive every sort of disaster relief they might need in this first critical week. If you have a Compassion child in any country, and especially Haiti, I ask that you consider this.

We have other friends in PAP that work with Heartline and World Wide Village. When I hear their needs and how they are handling it all I’ll let you know. I’ve also read that World Vision is on the ground helping as well as the Red Cross. Also Makarios in the Dominican is sending a team over w/ medical supplies.  They could use your funds to help purchase supplies and get them across the border.  Please pick an organization that you love and support and donate. They will ALL need our help in this next couple of days, weeks, months & years.