Was thinking on this today…

We volunteer because we care, we serve because we are passionate about something.

I’m really thinking about what I’m passionate about.  I can list a few.  If you follow my journey you probably can list a few things about me as well.  I think adoption, tennis, painting, my children, running(not) come to mind.  I just think I need to find better ways to serve in those area’s.  I think I’ve done some things ok but I think there is so much more opportunity to be able to share my life with others.   Others that I am close with, others that I randomly see, others that I hardly ever see.  And when I share my life I get to share the Fathers life.  We all do.

I just asked Emma what she is passionate about.  She said, ” playing with my sister and painting and watching TV.” Hmmm.  I then asked her how she could use her painting to serve people.  She said” I could send pictures to Frankie and his friends, to Christopher to Sterling.”   I think she is getting it.  So I ponder how to serve.  How are ways that you serve in the area’s that you are passionate about?

My friend Courtney had a great post today.  I loved it.  She talked about loving people.  Go read it.  Loving people is something I need to do so much better if I really want to care and serve… She reminded me today of what God says about love…

Love is:
-not jealous or boastful or proud or rude
-does not demand its own way
-not irritable
-does not keep a record of wrongs
-never glad about someone failing
-rejoices when Truth wins out
-Never gives up
-Never loses faith
-always hopeful
-endures every circumstance
-will last forever

I needed to be reminded about that again.  Because without love, it really does not matter.