We just went to Orlando earlier this week.  Dave did an event for FBC Tifton and was able to bring the family along.  We love the group from Tifton.  Our family has been able to partner with them over the past 5 years.  When you travel and speak for part of your living it’s always a blessing to have multiple encounters with the same group of people.  It allows you to have little touches in the lives of students as they continue to keep walking their journey.  I mean what more could you ask for? While Dave was in session at night we were about 3 miles from the town of Celebration.  So for two of the nights I loaded up the girls and took them down to Main Street so we could be there when it snowed.  Yes, leave it to Disney to be able to pull that one off in 70 degree weather.

Have you ever been to Celebration?  It’s an amazing little community that Disney designed.  Need I say more?  Every night on the hour during the Holiday season it snows on Main Street.  They even has ice skating.

The girls, ran in it…played in it…looked up and had it fall on their head and even tongues.  Izzie kept saying it was snowing!  Emma giggled and stood in awe.  The music was playing let it snow… the people were all celebrating and taking pictures.  Emma and Izzie even had a snow ball fight.

BUT at the end of the time when the snow stopped falling, the reality was and still is that it was not really snow but it was just a bunch of bubbles.  I woke up early this morning.  Something that when that happens I’m just going get up and start my day.  And the picture of real snow and bubbles that we experienced came into my mind.  I’ve pondered it all morning.  So for me and my thoughts, I think we can easily get distracted and have bubbles all around us and think it’s the real thing but it’s not.  It’s just the imitation.  It takes a lot of work especially when you are a “kid” to really know and understand what is real or truth and what is not.  I think I’ll spend my whole life digging into that process.  because I think it’s a never-ending  journey.  Especially when you grow as a person or as something happens in life and you have to once again ask the question of “Is it really snowing?”  because for me I don’t want to find myself enjoying the bubbles and declaring that it’s snow.  I think I have done that before.  I don’t want to wake up one morning at the end of this life and realize it wasn’t snow.  That is a big fear of mine.  I want the real snow and it’s really hard sifting through the bubbles. But it’s worth it and I think I will find it.