I know I’ve been missing in action. The reality is that I’m full on blogging right now but sometimes it’s better to not hit publish. Which happens to be the case. I’ve had a season of working through my thoughts through writing but then at the end of the day I realize it’s helped me process my journey but may not help many others process their own. So no need to commit to public some matters of the heart. Lets just say I’m ready to say Goodbye to 2009 and hit 2010 running… not literally, figuratively.  The running shoes are really about to be retired after this next and last race coming up January 10.

Those who follow my journey, I must say I’ll be back and going strong with the year. I’ve got to catch you all up on the birthday celebrations, Emma getting her ears pierced, Izzie and her daily antics to make life such a laugh. Like right now she’s drinking orange juice out of a fun cocktail glass telling me that “I did not spill it mom! ” thank goodness because I thought I might have poured her too much.  And let me not get started on the hand foot and mouth that can spread to adults or the fact life has had its of beating us all around and I’ve slacked on my running plan just a bit because at the end of the day there just was not time for it.

But I’m here.  And I dare say I may even be being refined to be better than ever.  Isn’t that what this short trip here on planet earth is all about?  Excited to share new hopes and dreams and the doings that God is allowing our family to be part of.  I’m amazed….As I would not have planned it this way I still it amazed and thankful.

Much love to you all and Merry Christmas just in case I decide not to post our Christmas letter and keep it in my draft files as well.. ha!