This past week I did something crazy.  Something that I should not have done.  We got home late one night and Emma was asking if she could get her hair cut shorter.  It’s been getting a bit long and a bit stringy looking.  So I told her to head to the back porch and I would “trim” her hair.  OK, I can’t even believe I’m about to admit this next part.  Anyway I proceed to chop off a good chunk of the back of her hair and then I go on to Layer her hair and give a short style.

Here is the big problem.  I don’t cut hair.  I’ve never really cut hair and here I go chopping off my daughters beautiful hair and act like I have some sort of degree in cosmetology.  What was I thinking???

The good news is that I believe it turned out ok.  It actually looks pretty darn cute.  If you think it looks chopped up or you may think you have a comment about it… can you just lie to me and tell me you love it and think it’s way too adorable?  So there you have it.  Who does this kind of stuff?  Apparently I do.  I’m crazy and there is a little part of me that thinks I’m losing my mind.  It will grow back…  that is the good news.

Before: (by the way this was picture day at school and I spent 40 minutes curling her hair for her) just some info so you don’t think I was totally crazy for cutting her hair off.  Here hair was getting long and stringy looking.

emma before


After: (Again no comments unless they are the positive kind)

Emma's Hair