Tomorrow we will be filing our I600-A.  Last week our dear social worker stopped by the house to do an update on our home study so that we can send it on it’s way. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we completed it.  Just another step in this long process.  We have waited to file since we wanted to maximize the time we may need before it expires.  I’m assuming we’ll have to file an extension regardless.

I’ve been thinking about Frankie all this past week.  Last week it’s been 3 months since we have been in IBESR.  It seems like just yesterday we got news that our papers had been filed.  So that is a very good thing.  These three months have flown by.  A lot of people are asking how long will we be in this stage?  Some people get out in 3-6 months.  A lot of people have been in this step for at least a year.  Some even two.  No rhyme or reason to anything.  We will have to get a presidential pardon since we have biological children so I’m really anticipating a year in this step and will be blown away if it’s sooner.  I pray everyday for speedy process of our files and for all of those who are in waiting.  And at the end of the day trust God’s timing in our journey.   One of my biggest heart prayers lately has been specifically that Frankie would have amazing experiences day to day with his friends and nannies and the visitors that come his way. That this time in his life living with all the boys would be a great positive experience that would shape him for the better as we wait patiently for him.  I just have to trust God with his life and his journey into joining our family.  At church today my friend Chad asked if he could pray about Frankie.  Everything he prayed for had been echoing my own prayers these past few months.  I’m glad God uses his people to encourage us when we need it to let us know that He knows, He cares, He’s active.

I miss this fellow more than you know.  Thank you all who keep updated with what is going on.  For praying for us along the way.  I just hope and pray he’s aware at times that there are these people out there who truly love him unconditionally and are praying for his life each and every day.