Our family is heading out this weekend to Orange Beach.  Dave will be speaking at a Student Life Camp and we are lucky to get to go along.  I’ve been anticipating this week all summer.  Why you might ask?  Well, it’s pretty simple.  This weekend we’ll come to a place where our two worlds/passions collide.  I never in a million years would think this would be how that might happen but never the less it is happening. Dave will get to live out his passion of communicating God’s Heart to Students and I will get to live out mine by supporting Haiti.

At all of the Student Life Beach Camps this summer they are focusing Compassion specifically on Haiti and trying to get as many kids sponsored as they can.  This really excites me.  I have such a heart for Haiti.  I still don’t know how that passion will unfold in my life or in our families life in the next 10 years.  Obviously Frankie our son who we are adopting from Haiti plays a role in our families journey.  One of the reasons why when we decided to grow our family through adoption we choose to pursue that through the country of Haiti.  Last May I when I was in Haiti I was able to meet our Compassion Child Angela.  We have been sponsoring her for the past 6 years.  I loved getting to meet her.  It was such a privilege.  I think about her so much and our family enjoys opportunities to write her often and receive letters from her.  We also sponsor a sweet boy named Christopher who Dave got to meet as well.  He lives in Peru.

Angela and Me (May 2008)

Compassion is all about helping to release children from poverty.  They do this by simply giving these children Hope.  Through education, providing for their physical needs and other things Compassion is making a HUGE difference in so many lives and we are honored to partner with them. 

I’ll be thinking a lot about Frankie and Angela this coming week.  My wonderful Haitian Sensations as Tara Livesay likes to call them.  I’ll be sitting in the back of the room this weekend no doubtfully.  I tend to be very quiet at times.  Most people won’t know who I am or even ever realize that as I sit there with Students on a journey at camp this week that my heart will be pouring out and bursting at the seams as my husband and I get to in our own personal ways collide our passions and serve.  I love it.

Check out this video that Student Life put together specifically with Compassion and Orange Beach in mind.