We are having a GREAT time with Dave this week at kids camp.  Dave and I have dreamed of the day when we could take our own kids to these camps and have them experience first hand what it is that dad has been doing for the last 10 years. (boy are we getting old)  Tonight as the night began Emma notified me that she was heading up front to sit.  She said she was going to make a friend and sit with them.  And that is what she did…front and center… there she was in a room of 1200 kids.  She loves every minute of SL kids camp.  I think Kayleigh is falling in love too.  Izzie even sat through the whole night session tonight.  The kids are zonked tonight and we’ll be ready for our last full day of camp tomorrow.

I’m prepared for tonight and a good night sleep as well.  Just popped some Tylenol PM and I should be good to go.  Now hopefully no one needs me tonight because I’m afraid I may sleep through the “dad ate my lolly pop dreams or I can’t find my blanket ordeals!”