I had the  worst night sleep in a long time last night…..In the order that my night went down this is how it happened…Maybe this is why???

1.  Dave decided to take my side of the bed.  Why oh why does he always think my side is better than his.  It’s the same mattress! He let us come to camp with him so I don’t make an issue out of it.

2. An hour later the air in our room kept going on and off with a bang.

3.  An hour later…Dave’s little sister was sleeping very well…  who knew she snores?

4. An hour later we heard something in our snack bag.  Yup a mouse.  We are in a new hotel, only opened 4 weeks and the mice have found us.  Please don’t ask me how Dave handled that one.  How he wears the pants in this house amazes me.  It was taken from our room in our snack bag outside somehow….

5. A few hours later Izzie wakes up screaming/hysterics…. I ask her what is wrong (after I’m up and out of bed again) She says… daddy ate my lolly pop!  I told her that I was sorry and she should go back to bed. (some dream that was)

6. An hour later Emma wakes up yelling for me asking “where is my blanket?”  I don’t know I told her. (I’m up out of bed again… what parents give their kids things that they have to be dependent on… shame on them!)

7. The alarm goes off… breakfast at 8 and ready to start our day.