Lately I’ve been inspired by people’s stories as they do for others is such a hard economy…

 – a barber giving free haircuts to those who need to go and find jobs.

 – people signing up to support kids for summer camp.

 – people playing the grocery game and taking deals they don’t need to the local food pantry…

So I wonder what can I do?  What can I offer in a time of people having so many needs…when I don’t have much in the wallet to give.  Well here is my thought and offer…  I am an event coordinator and have planned and booked events for over 10 years now.  With that I also love a deal.  So even in these hard times if you or someone you know wants some free research on a trip, or plane tickets, hotels and what is out there as far as deals go…. well let me know your trip details and travel dates and I’ll see what best deals I could possibly find for you…. 

It always surprises me how many people don’t do the research.  So if you don’t have time here I am offering my time to do in a way to pass on the blessing in this not so good economy….

Love Gives People… In many ways….