Today was Frankie’s birthday per all the information we have. He turned 2 today. It’s weird celebrating a childs birthday when they are not here with you. The girls wanted to make him a cake so that is what we did and then we sang Happy Birthday to him. I wish we would be able to look forward to his 3 year old birthday with him here but that is almost impossible. I even wonder if he’ll be here for his 4 year old birthday? Still no news as to any movement with getting us into IBESR. We are on our way to missing the next few years of his life. For me that is going to be hard since these next few years are my personal favorite as far as age is concerned. But that is ok… we know we will have many birthday celebrations to come when the person we are celebrating will be around the table with us. Happy birthday Frankie. We love you so much and we are hoping you had a good day today in Haiti with your friends and your nannies. Sleep well….